One Love Asia
FAQ NFT System

I cannot register

Please ensure that you did not use the same email/same Hall+Seat combinations

I am unable to share the Facebook post

Try logging in to your Facebook on your browser and try again

How do I know I’ve registered for my free NFT?

Give the system a few moments, if you’ve received an email. You’ve registered! If not please contact [email protected]

I did not receive the confirmation email after registering?

Give the system about 10 minutes, if you still haven’t receive your email please contact [email protected]

How do I know I am entitled for the lucky draw?

If you’ve received an email AND you’ve shared our post. You are then entitled to our lucky draw

I’ve clicked the “Claim JUANG NFT” button and couldn’t see the next step

Please contact [email protected] for technical support on this issue

I am unable to login the system after click “Claim Juang NFT”

Please remember to not close your browser while you validate your email
Please go back to the page you were on once you’ve verify your email

I do not see my NFT in my collection page

Sometimes the blockchain transactions are congested, please do allow at least 15 minutes for your NFT to show in the page

How I go back to view my NFT?

Please log onto to view your NFT collection

I got a white page after logging in

Please use Samsung Internet/Google chrome/Safari or a webpage browser when you click on the “CLAIM JUANG NFT” from your email, if you still have issue please contact [email protected]

I got an error called error 403

Please contact [email protected] for technical support on this issue